Hold On To Your Butts

In the 1993 film Jurassic Park, an IT employee of the park, Ray Arnold (played by Samuel L. Jackson), says “hold on to your butts” as he powers up the amusement park again.

Back in the day, peeps said that all the time for mundane things! Opening the fridge=”Hold on to your butts!” Putting on socks=”Hold on to your butts!”. Turning on your Sega Genesis=”Hold on to your butts!”
Posting on yo90s.com=Hold on to your butts!
Perhaps the fellow was referring to the butt of the cigarette that was falling out of his mouth. But that would contradict the circumstances, as he was the only person with a cigarette in his mouth. Maybe he meant “hold on to your butts” in the abstract sense.
Maybe Bologna he was hoping the power worked so the dinosaurs wouldn’t eat them.
Interesting theory, I believe this will require a more well rounded thesis and a bottle of Grey Poupon.
Where do you find these people. *SIGH* hold on to your butts indeed…

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