Gushers are a snack product produced by Betty Crocker. They are small fruit flavored hexagons filled with juice that “gushes” out when eaten. The snack was introduced in 1991.

Gushers were always overvalued for school lunch trades. Kids would be like “Trade me the Dunkaroos, I’ll give you some GUSHEEEEERS”, emphasizing GUSHEEERS like they were diamonds or something. Don’t get me wrong now, they weren’t low tier in trade-ability, but they weren’t Dunkaroos. They were slightly above any random fruit snack, but below Fruit-by-the-Foot.

Gushers changed tongue color, so you know it was 90s kid favorite.

Dunkaroos were Batman, Gushers were Robin.

I used to sandwich my Gushers between Dunkaroos and call it a Gusharoo!

I’d lunch hustle hard with Gushers. Just say “I’ll throw in some Gushers!” to any 90s kids and you could trade that Tuna sandwich in a snap!

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