Dunk-a-roos are a pack of cookies and frosting produced by Betty Crocker. In a single tray, one side contains small cookies and the other side has vanilla or chocolate frosting. The cookies may be dipped or “dunked” (as the name DUNK-a-roos implies) into the frosting if desired. The treat made it’s debut in the early 1990.

If you had Dunkaroos, you had the most valuable item for lunch trades. You could get an entire Lunchable from a kid for just three Dunkaroo cookies. I remember bringing only one pack of Dunkaroos for lunch knowing I’d feast off lunch trades alone!
Blasted Dunkaroos! In my quest to be king of lunch time, my Gushers were no match for you!
I used to eat the cheese and pretzels packs for lunch. I’d pretend the red spreader stick was a lightsaber and I make the “szwwoooorp zswroooorp” lightsaber sounds while I spread the cheese on the pretzels. Would you rather dip a cookie in some lame frosting or use a beaming lightsaber to burn cheese on a stale pretzel? Boom Shakalaka!
I was a Dunkaroo beggar! My mom didn’t put the good stuff in my lunch and nobody was trading for homemade potato salad. Always hated when people would give me a Dunkaroo and were super stingy on the frosting!
They NEVER gave you enough frosting! After one dip, it was all gone! No trade value without the frosting!
Seems like all 90s kids were instinctively wired to say “WOW, YOU GOT DUNKAROOS!!” when brought to lunch.
Did you know that this snack is called Dunkaroos because the process of taking the cookie, optionally dipping or “dunking” the cookie into the frosting and the similarity of a Kangaroo jumping and the Kangaroo having a pouch?

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