Lunch Trade

Lunch trades were an important practice for 90s kids. During school lunch time, 90s kids would trade various lunch items, packed the night or morning before, in hopes of getting more lucrative treats. Some items, such as Dunkaroos were so highly sought that a 90s kid could get an entire lunch (including a drink) in return.

One of the greatest things about being a 90s kid, the lunch time trades! We could get rid of the Tuna sandwiches, leftover Stroganoff and that homemade clam chowder that Aunt Edna made.
Yep, every lunch period was like a flea market. Never ate my mom’s lunch, always ended up trading it. Gushers were always like that one piece to add to make a deal go through. I made plenty of bologna and mustard sandwiches go away by adding a pack of Gushers! (Sorry mom!)
Don’t forget Pringles and Doritos! They didn’t have Dunkaroo value but I made a quite a few P&J sandwiches trades work.
90s lunch trades, were every afternoon was NBA trade deadline.

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