Easy C

Easy C aka Clarence Baines is a character from the series Family Matters. He’s a cousin of the Winslow family that lives in Detroit. Easy C used to be an upstanding young man, but has grown to be a wanna-be gangsta.

In the episode “Jailhouse Blues”, Easy C steals a convertible with a group of women and gets Eddie Winslow, Steve Urkel and himself arrested.

With all his sarcastic responses and quick snap-backs he embodied that 90s “trying too hard to be cool” swag.
He said something like “If you wanna hang with the E-man you better get with the program!” BWAHAHAHA, he ain’t no rapper that’s for sure.
It’s criminal they never did an episode with Easy C and Original Gangsta Dawg. Both were from the motor city.

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