The Urkel Dance

The Urkel is a 1991 line dance routine. It debuted on the television series Family Matters in the episode “Life of the Party”.

A kid in my 4th grade class did the Urkel Dance for our talent show. I was a willing participant.
DO THE UR-UR-UR-UR URKEL DANCE! I thought the song was fresh too, still stuck in my head. He did the Urkel Dance in a crossover episode of Step by Step. I know the next week it was one of those “Hey, did you see the Urkel Dance!?” type chatter among us young 90s kids, but we were afraid of being made fun of by the bigger 90s kids to we kept it on the down low.
Don’t try this dance on a roof top.
They tried to make this like the next running man, don’t think it caught fire.


1. The Urkel Dance – Youtube
2. Life of the PartyFamily Matters Wiki
3. Life of the Party – The Very Special Blog

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