Original Gangsta Dawg

Original Gangsta Dawg aka OGD is a character from the series Family Matters. He’s the cousin of Steve Urkel and appears in the tenth season of the series (1997) in an episode with the same name, “Original Gangsta Dawg”. In the episode, the Winslow family is in complete shock at Steve Urkel’s visiting cousin from Detroit, OGD. His behavior is rude and his views are controversial, making it hard to believe he’s related to an Urkel.

Bowl of Chicken Alfredo dreads, baggy jeans, washed out flannel and a purple lollipop. OGD was sooooooo 90s gangsta that Carl Winslow should’ve arrested him at the doorstep.
Stefan Urkel, Myrtle Urkel, Bruce Lee Urkel and now Original Gangsta Dawg? I might be wrong, but this was the “CBS Block Party” era of Family Matters, when the show became part of that TGIF knockoff. I think “Original Gangsta Dawg” was supposed to be a take on hip hop/hardcore rap culture and it’s influence. Eddie and especially 3j (remember him?) look up to him, so maybe the writers were trying to say something. Family Matters always had good “very special” episodes that were on point, but watching “Original Gangsta Dawg” back in the day I was like “Man, this show changed..”
Why are most evil characters in the Family Matters universe from Detroit? Wasn’t Easy C from there too? Remember, he conned Eddie and Urkel into taking that convertible for a joyride and got everybody arrested, so Easy C is more gangsta than OGD. *shrug*.
Jaleel White can act, but stop playing y’all. I watched this episode when it aired and was like “oh heck no!”.
His dreads look like a dirty mop.

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