Starter Jackets

Starter Jackets are a line of sports team branded jackets created by the Starter company. The jackets were worn by popular athletes and entertainers during the 80s and early 90s and became extremely popular.

During the early 90s, it became a “must have” item that unfortunately resulted in multiple strings of “Starter robberies”.

Starter Jacket pockets were HUGE! You could sneak a friend into a movie with them! The jacket isn’t comfy and didn’t keep you warm, but as long as you had matching denim jean shorts to go with it, you were in the cool club!

If you wanted to rep your city, a Starter Jacket was a must.

These Jackets cost anywhere between 60 to 300 bucks! I wanted one, but my parents weren’t about to drop three bills on a jacket I’d probably tear-up in a week.

My older brother wanted a starter jacket and it was serious issue in the family. With all the shootings and people getting robbed for them, our parents initially said no. It was too dangerous and it wasn’t worth it. My brother was really upset about it. I was kinda upset too because If he got a starter jacket I would try to wear it too! I would have that “walking in class with McDonalds” swag everyday!

My brother actually got a starter jacket for Christmas but my dad gave him a speech about being safe. He never wore it at night or in bad neighborhoods,whatever that meant. My dad told me that I was too young to wear a Starter Jacket so I couldn’t wear it! Of course, my brother clowned me about it for months, but it was crazy how serious a jacket could be.

The news reports of people getting shot for these had my family shook. I think some schools banned them. I know my pops was like “heck no you ain’t getting one.”
Everyone sported either the Dallas Cowboys or Charlotte Hornets starter. I could almost swear those were the only ones I saw on the street back then.
So for you 90s guys, this was your antisocial social club? Weird.

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