Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace Trailer

The debut of the The Phantom Menace trailer was a highly anticipated event in the late 90s. The film was the beginning of a new Star Wars trilogy, a new set of films fans anxiously waited over a decade for.

On November 13th, 1998, the trailer ran in front of a select few films, the most notable being Brad Pitt’s Meet Joe Black. Some theaters ran screenings only for the trailer.

Didn’t have the patience to download the trailer, would’ve taken a week to download on dial up! My brother and I watched on Entertainment Tonight. At the start, when the music fades in and the “every saga has a beginning” we got SO PUMPED! The desert race clip was always my favorite followed by the Darth Maul double light saber, oh and Obi Wan doing a front flip onto the platform! We must have watched it over 100 times, the special effects were crazy.

The messageboards and chatrooms were going crazy. Star Wars fan pages and film sites didn’t were all down. The Phantom Menace may have been the first internet breaker.

Took me a day on a 28k modem to download a grainy, microscope sized version of the trailer. You darn skippy I watched it every day! I watched my VHS collection of the original trilogy plus the grainy trailer for over six months.
I saw Meet Joe Black at the time. Everyone cheered when the trailer started. When the Star Wars music started in the race scene, a HUGE cheer from the audience! When the trailer came to an end, a MASSIVE applause…then 90% of the theater bolted! To hear the clapping of folding theater chairs in unison as everyone got up to leave was something else.
For research purposes, I stayed for the entirety of Meet Joe Black..eerr..because I thought they trailer was to be shown again after the film..yes..of.course. The trailer was exquisite to say the least.
You enjoyed Meet Joe Black, admit it. Nothing wrong with three hours of Brad Pitt!

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