Mortal Monday

Mortal Monday (September 13, 1993) is the date when popular arcade fighting game Mortal Kombat was released for the home consoles. The Game was ported to Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Game Gear and the GameBoy.

Almost everyone ditched school Mortal Monday. Crazy! I couldn’t squirm my way out of school, but everyone I knew did, playing Mortal Kombat all day! So bonk watching the clock slowly ticking while in class, meanwhile your best buds were partying with Mortal Kombat.I couldn’t wait to get back home and dash to my homie’s house.
My brother got the Sega Genesis version with the secret blood code. The Super Nintendo version had that silly sweat that looked like they were spitting out Lemon Lime Soda when you hit them.
This was one of the first times store clerks asked for I.D. when buying a game. Lots of stores like Best Buy and Sam Goody made it clear they were checking I.D.
I don’t like waste time with video games but I soooo remember my friends and I talking about Mortal Monday. We couldn’t believe people would waste $70 on a little game! AS IF!
I felt like September 13th took forever to arrive. Every day before it felt like the days were years man! I couldn’t think about my homework, it was “MORTAL MONDAY!” “MORTAL MONDAY!” repeating all day in my head! I couldn’t buy it anyways, because it was sold out everywhere!

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