Mortal Monday Commercial

The Mortal Monday commercial promoted the home game console release of the popular arcade fighting game Mortal Kombat.
The commercial is somewhat ambiguous in it’s advertising, as it tiptoed around promoting the blood and gore the franchise is known for.

credit: MortalKombatIcePit

That Mortal Kombat yell will live with me forever. It’s like a battle cry. The commercial didn’t need to show any game footage, just the yell. We 90s game heads “knew”.
Saw this on a commercial break of Batman: The Animated Series. My brother and I lost it! The whole day I jumped around the living room yelling “MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!” like the guys in the video!

After awhile of acting a fool, my brother and I got into an argument over which system to get it for! I was team Sega Genesis, my brother was team Super Nintendo. Our parents would only drop $60 for one console. MORTAL KOMBAT!
Pretty rad. That Mortal Kombat yell was so popular it was used in the films!

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