Genesis Does What Nintendon’t

Genesis Does What Nintendon’t is an infamous slogan coined in a commercial during the 90s Console Wars between Nintendo and Sega. The commercial makes robust claims about the Sega Genesis console’s capabilities in comparison to the Nintendo console. The commercial is best known for it’s jingle.

First ever video game diss track!?
The awesomeness of awesome game slogans of all time! Almost begged my pops to get one just because of the song.
Authentic console war cheese, and it’s delicious! Have fond memories of waiting for this commercial to air during Saturday morning cartoons and singing along. “Genesis!” “does.” “Genesis!” “does.” How can you now like that? Somewhere, in Sega headquarters, deep underground in a secure safe protected by lasers and a Yeti, a full master recording of “Genesis Does What Nintendon’t” is buried.
Love the hook! “You can’t do this on Nintendo!”. Those singers had to be backup vocalist for a New Jack Swing artist.


1. Genesis Does What Nintendon’t Commercial – Youtube
2. Genesis Does What Nintendon’t Pixel Pop Article – PixelatedPop

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