Blockbuster Night

A Blockbuster Night was usually a Friday or Saturday evening in the 90s consisting of entertainment rented from a local Blockbuster Video store.

Once my old man parked the car, it was a race between my siblings on who’d get to the video game section first!
Dad would only allow us to rent two games!
A “Blockbuster night” would vary. Usually it was weekends, because we ain’t getting new games to play during a school week. People flooded Blockbuster during the weekends, especially Friday, which meant finding a good movie or video game tough. You’d have better odds during the weekday, so I knew plenty of friends that went seemingly everyday, especially when Mortal Kombat hit the scene.
Yep! My parents interrogated the poor clerk on what day Aladdin would be returned! You had to camp out at the store and wait for that return or someone else got it yo!

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