1995 Source Awards

The 1995 Source Awards is regarded as an important moment in hip hop history, due to OutKast winning best new artist award, spotlighting southern hip hop. This was in the backdrop of the East Coast/West Coast hip hop rivalry.

Bad Boy(East Coast) and Death Row(West Coast) were beefing the entire show. East rappers got booed by the West and vise versa. Outkast, a southern hip hop artist, wins best new artist and drives a knife between the beef. It’s not just NY and LA, you got the South too.

My sister and I thought a fight would break out! It was tense! Last year’s show had rapper Onyx shooting a real gun while rapping!

Cop out award to OutKast. They didn’t want to start World War 3 up in there, so they side stepped giving the award to any Bad Boy or Death Row artist to keep the peace. OutKast is aight but I don’t think he should got a trophy that year. Just sayin…

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