In The House

In the house is a sitcom about a former football player that sublets parts of his house because of a financial issues. The showed debuted on NBC in 1995 before moving to UPN for it’s 5 season run. The show starred LL Cool J, Debbie Allen and Kim Wayans among others.

Show was aiight! LL was like the daddy to the tenant’s kids. They had some celeb cameos too like RuPaul.
In The House was like a spiritual successor to Fresh Prince. Both had rappers in the lead roles and a character “moving in”, only this time it was reversed in a way.
Started on NBC in 95, gets knocked out. UPN picks it up for their heavy afro-centric sitcom lineups. UPN knocks it out 99ish, but somehow final season episodes air on NBC REALLY REALLY late, late night. Mama didn’t say knock you out I guess.
That was cute throwback…NOT.


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