Sega CD Startup

The startup boot sequence for the 1992 Sega Cd add-on for the Sega Genesis.

The Sega Cd boot-up made me feel like an adult. Every time I started up the console and heard the music with the dark themed intro, I was like “Dang, this is serious business!”
This startup was so intimidating I was sometimes afraid to press start!
I heard a rumor that if you didn’t press start and left it running, alien Sonic and Gargoyle Tails would jump out from behind the moon and say “ZYSGHFGROGGGRPPPH!”. If you slowed down their words with a Talkman recorder, they said “PANZER DRAGON COMBAT TRIBES” and if you pressed A 1000 times with a Night Trap CD in the console you could play a Mortal Kombat 5.
Sticky…not eve…no, just no.


Sega Cd Boot Up – enzocodini1342 YouTube Channel

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