Jaguar Jaguar Jaguar

“Jaguar, jaguar, JAGUAR!” is a quote From a 1993 Atari Jaguar game console commercial. A teacher is schooling a marketing team on the Atari Jaguar console’s strengths compared to it’s competition. In frustration with the students lack of attention span, she viciously yells “Jaguar, Jaguar, JAGUAR!”.

Credit: RetroGamerNet

For maybe a week or two, this was in 90s kids lingo.

Me: “Hey, did you see the Jaguar!?”

Friend: “The whuut?”

Me:”Jaguar, Jaguar, JAGUAAAR!”

I did that to my friend. He isn’t my friend anymore.
Word. Lasted maybe a week in 90s kids orbit. Didn’t have the lasting power of the “SEGA!” scream.

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