Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer was a web browser released in 1995 by Microsoft. It was bundled with the Windows 95 operating system and was one of the most widely used internet browsers of the 90s. It’s main competitor was Netscape Navigator.

Actually, plenty of web browsers existed during this time. Mosaic, Netscape Navigator, and IBM’s WebExplorer to name a few. With Windows 95 being a defacto “must have” product and Internet Explorer essentially bundled inside (sort of), it became the first web browser for many.
Net’ Explorer felt blocky to use. Like the toolbars were bulky Rosetta Stones that needed to be pushed-in to activate a Star-Gate or something.
That was 90s GUI in a nutshell. Big icons for the sake of big icons!
I was thankful for the Windows logo on the right side of the browser. It reminded me I was exploring the internet and not the arctic coast during the winter of 1924 in a submarine with a half eaten Pastrami sandwich on stale ginger bread.

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