Dancing Baby

The dancing baby is an animation of a baby dancing. The short clip became popular among internet websites, chatrooms and message boards and is considered one of the first internet memes.

The animation was featured prominently on the television series Ally McBeal.

The dancing baby was like the Jordan memes of the late 2010s. It got local and national news coverage, I know my friends thought it was awesome, mainly because of the 3d. I think the Ally McBeal appearance put it over the top. Those episodes were hyped to an oblivion! Afterwards, the meme faded away.
Kids and grown up did “the dancing baby dance” in celebration or for trolling. I know I did a few times to tease my cousins.
The mid 90s, when everyone was mesmerized by simple 3d.
For a time, it was sort-of like a requirement to have a dancing baby gif on a Geocities page.

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