In The House

In the house is a sitcom about a former football player that sublets parts of his house because of a financial predicament. The showed debuted on NBC in 1995 before moving to UPN for it’s 5 season run. In The House starred LL Cool J, Debbie Allen and Kim Wayans among others.

704 Hauser

704 Hauser street is a spinoff of All in the Family. Debuting April of 1994 on CBS, the series follows the lives of an African American Family that now lives in the house previously owned by Archie Bunker, the lead of the original All in the Family series.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is role-playing video game created by Square for the PlayStation. The game is about a group of mercenaries against a sinister conglomerate. Released in 1997 with worldwide success, it helped mainstream Japanese Role Playing Games in the western market. Flicking through the pages of EGM, Gamefan, Gamepro, you couldn’t miss an ad […]

Genesis Does What Nintendon’t

Genesis Does What Nintendon’t is an infamous slogan coined in a commercial during the 90s Console Wars between Nintendo and Sega. The commercial makes robust claims about the Sega Genesis console’s capabilities in comparison to the Nintendo console. The commercial is best known for it’s jingle.