Genesis Does What Nintendon’t

Genesis Does What Nintendon’t is an infamous slogan coined in a commercial during the 90s Console Wars between Nintendo and Sega. The commercial makes robust claims about the Sega Genesis console’s capabilities in comparison to the Nintendo console. The commercial is best known for it’s jingle.

Prince of Persia 2

Prince of Persia 2 is a cinematic platform game developed and released by Broderbund Software. Released in 1993 for PC, 1994 for Mac and 1996 for Super Nintendo console. It’s the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Prince of Persia. This time, the Prince is uprooted by an imposter and must go on a quest to reclaim his reputation.

Jaguar Do the Math

“Jaguar, Do the Math” was the tagline for the 1993 Atari Jaguar game console. It referred to the consoles 64-bit capabilities, compared to the rival Super-Nintendo and Sega Genesis 16-bit capabilities.