Finish Him

“Finish Him!” is a quote from the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. After the completion of a fight, the overseer yell’s “Finish Him!” or “Finish Her!”, giving the bout winner an opportunity to perform a horrific killing (known in the game as Fatalities) on their battered opponent.

Sega Cd

The Sega CD attachment made it possible for CD-ROM based games and music playback for the Sega Genesis. The add-on was known for it’s large library of Full Motion Video (FMV) games. The North American release of the accessory was in 1992.


FMV or full motion video is a type of video game that heavily relied on videos rather then actual gameplay. This was popular around the early 90s with the widespread release of CD-ROM discs and consoles such as the Sega CD and 3DO.


Boomshakalaka is a 90s slang term. It’s usually shouted during a competitive situation, when one player achieves a goal or performs some type of spectacular move against their opponents. It was commonly used during basketball after a slam dunk.

Getting Personal

Getting Personal was a 1998 television sitcom that aired on Fox. It starred Vivica A. Fox as the head of an advertising agency in Chicago. One of her employees was a previous “date gone wrong”.